Bedroom Wall Mural

To paint a mural is an interesting way to beautify your room. Once you move the drawing to the wall, the rest becomes exciting. There are some tips to paint bedroom wall mural. You can use an overhead projector or a grid to move the mural design.

White Trees 1 Bedroom Wall Mural Ideas Bedroom Wall Mural

Firstly, you need to know if you decide to utilize overhead project. Choose the design you want to cover on the wall. You can find it from coloring book, greeting card, internet, or any other source. Make a copy of the color of the picture you choose as your reference in painting. Make a white and black copy of the picture and then make its transparency. After that, put the transparency on the projector. Turn on the projector and start to draw into the wall area you want. Draw on the wall your design using pencil carefully.

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Secondly, try to move the mural design using a grid for your bedroom. The beginning step just the same with way using overhead projector that is choosing the design. After that, draw a grid on the copy of your drawing and cut each picture. Sketch each picture with pencil carefully. Then cut the shapes within the large paper pictures. Tape the little shape in suitable location in the big outlines. Final step, use a pencil to sketch the little shapes.

Flower Bedroom Wall Mural Bedroom Wall Mural

Magnolia Green Bedroom Mural Ideas Bedroom Wall Mural

Storytime Kids Bedroom Wall Mural Bedroom Wall Mural

White Blossoms Bedroom Wall Mural Bedroom Wall Mural

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