The Bedroom Wall Murals

Modern murals have become part of everyday life. Buildings, landmarks or street walls have become the media for street art murals. Emulsion acrylic paints and airbrush are the most common technique applied on the outdoor walls. Indoor mural is popular too, as part of the decoration and interior design. Muralists are brought into houses to create bedroom murals proposed by the clients. One of the most popular indoor murals is the bedroom.

Undeewater Wall Mural for Bedroom The Bedroom Wall Murals

Today, the art has taken into smaller scale and brought closer into the house. Modern wall paintings are created with more approach of technology where the paintings or photographs are transferred into poster papers or canvas then applied into the wall surface for the realistic hand painted mural effect. This technique is common to be applied which become the part of the interior design. Canvas or printed paper attached on the wall or wallpapers applications are the easiest way to decorate the bedroom wall.

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Working on the bedroom manually needs some special techniques. After the design, the size and the lay out is agreed. The muralist may directly paint the wall, or started with making grid on the wall to get more precise wall application of the design. In some cases, the design is projected into the wall and the muralist will start the painting with pencil sketch.

Bedroom Ideas Wall Mural The Bedroom Wall Murals

Cherry Wall Mural for Bedroom Ideas The Bedroom Wall Murals

Circuit Kids Bedroom Wall Mural The Bedroom Wall Murals

Coconut Tree Bedroom Wall Mural The Bedroom Wall Murals

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