Reasons why Living Wills are Important

A will is an essential document in life because it is where people give out instructions on how their assets are going to be distrusted and to the assets are going to be given. There are so many reasons why people should have these documents. Thou it is a sensitive matter, it is vital to ensure that all your affairs are managed well and that everything is being dealt properly. It is good to make life easier for your family members after you die by writing a will so that, you have control on what is going to happen with your possessions when you are not around.

The first reason why it is vital to write a will so that, your family members will have financial security once you die. This is one of the most effective ways of making sure that your loved ones have been catered for. If you die without writing a will, your wishes will not be carried out the way you wanted. By writing a will, you will be providing care to all people including your children.

When you are writing living wills, include the person that is going to be the guardian of your child. Choose the person that is going to take care of your pests once they die and he/she must make the right decision when it comes to looking after them. Things like family heirlooms, jewelry and precious items should be handled well and given to any person within the family or somebody that is going to enjoy using them. State on the will any person that you want your possessions to be given to and that they should be given out once you die.

A will is not a document that should be taken for granted, it is a serious document and if you want to come up with one there are certain requirements that you must have. The first requirement is that, the person writing the will should be eighteen years and above. The document should be written without pressure from family members or made voluntary. You should be of sound mind and aware of how the document is essential, stating the people that are going to inherit the property. The person should not write the document alone but in the presence of two witnesses and the will should be signed. Witnesses do not benefit at all from living wills. Besides that the will should have a date and signed.

Writing a will is not a hard process as most people think it is very easy as long as the right procedure is followed. There are so many places that you can tips and ideas on how to write living wills. There are books that guide people on how to write living wills. There are also articles online that talk more on how to write living wills. Besides that, there are writing firms that are offering these services but most of these firms have not been regulated by Law Society. If you want to use services of a writing firm use firms that belong to trade association and approved by the government.

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General Information on Marriage & Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements have a long history which runs back into the 19th century. In the United States, before the Married Woman’s Property Act was enacted, anything that belonged or was inherited by a married woman was lost in the event of death or divorce of her husband. This is because at marriage all a woman had was transferred to her husband. Furthermore, in some states in the US the Community Property states that all property acquired by a couple during their marriage period should be divided equally between the two parties in case of divorce. However, times have changed and the story has it different.

A prenuptial agreement is a signed deal that outlines how finances are supposed to be handled during a marriage. This takes an honest decision for such a discussion to be successful. Today, couples are signing the pre-nuptial marriage agreement which is forming the basis of solving the difficult and most sensitive subject of money in a marriage institution. These agreements are being signed before marriage. These are couples who want to sit on the table and iron out the financial issues beforehand and amicably. This will pave way for them to walk into their marriage with their financial cards well arranged on the table.

It is good to discuss the pre-nuptial agreement early into your relationship so that by the time you walk down the aisle, everything about finances is set. Exercise honesty in all discussions for a better and practical agreement that can work for the two of you without hiding feelings or withholding information on any assets. It would be wise to hire separate attorneys for a just and fair representation. It would be ideal for the lawyers to provide an affidavit for independent legal counsel with the agreement.

However, on one hand, the pre-nuptial agreement enables the couple to face financial matters wisely since it is a topic which has caused and continue to cause misunderstandings in institutions of marriage. Preparing a pre-nuptial marriage agreement does not imply or is it an anticipation of divorce; it goes a long way in preserving a marriage and inheritance. It would be helpful to know that your partner cannot sign it early enough. This is a document that can protect a marriage where there are children from another marriage. It also protects any properties earned prior to marriage. This agreement also clarifies the financial status in totality before marriage and governs all aspects of money and properties in the event of death, thereby eliminating fights over finances and assets.

Yet pre-nuptial agreement can rock a relationship before marriage takes place especially when unfairness and cheating is exercised in the preparation. It is possible for a pre-nuptial agreement to make someone feel that there is no honesty unless the two parties are positive in their approach. It can also create resentment among spouses. It is challenging to go through the preparation of a prenuptial marriage agreement. It takes two to have an open mind to agree.