City Wall Murals In 3D

We may already know a lot of city wall murals that put on the walls of the city.There is mural containing educational messages on the walls of the school, there is a mural which contains about responsible driving at a cross roads, there is a mural about the criticism to the government and the mural about the global warming warnings. All murals are intended to beautify the city walls and also as a warning and raise awareness for a better life.
In addition to these murals there are also 3D city wall murals done by highly skilled artists. 3D murals are not only contains images and messages, but you can fool the eye with the illusion view, as if the image is permeable and can bring us to another place. An example is the mural on the high wave in Honolulu with a glance to see at first sight that we truly feel there was a tsunami, this mural makes the fire crew race to save the illusion children standing near the waves.

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Another 3D city wall mural that is very spectacular is in Los Gatos, California. The mural concept is it seems like all of a building where destroyed and the interior of the building showed which is ancient Egyptian theme, complete with a person who peered into it. 3D effect here is really fools the eye and turned out to be just a wall. 3D Mural development is very interesting so have recorded by Guinness World Records.

Wall Mural Theme with View Of Times Square At Dusk City Wall Murals In 3D

City Wall Mural Ideas with Radio City Music Hall Night City Wall Murals In 3D

City Wall Mural Theme with San Francisco At Twilight City Wall Murals In 3D

City Wall Murals with Chicago River Night City Wall Murals In 3D

Manhattan Lights Wall Mural Decor City Wall Murals In 3D

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