Creating the Wall Stencils

Decorating a room with the wall stencils can be done by you if you have the skill, have the certain tools needed and of course know how to do it. There are six simple steps that even if it called simple it still need the certain skill to have the tidy and beautiful result. First thing that you must check before you start to create your best are the tools.

Eclectic Wall Stencils Creating the Wall Stencils

There are several tools needed and they are pencil, permanent marker, re-position able stencil adhesive, scrap plywood, non-plastic surface, the old cutting board or any other hard surface that sustain the damage and the withstand heat, sketching pad, the transparent blank stencils and last is the wood burning tool.

When you have all of the tools needed, you can start to create your own. First step you must do is creating any shapes of stencil design, when you done creating designs, you can begin to sketch the design on the sketch pad and hold it to the wall. Make sure that it is exactly in the size you want. The third step is to trace the stencil design to the transparent blank stencil using the permanent marker. Make sure that the lines are even and straight. Next you can heat up the wood burning tool you have before starting the next step, while the burning tool is being heated, you can tape the stencil to the hard surface you have. If the burning tool has enough heat, you can carefully cut out the design of yours.

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You must let the stencil cooling down first before you can start to lightly spray the back part of the stencil with the re-position able adhesive and place it on the wall. If you do not feel sure about it, you can ask the help of the professionals.

Contemporary Wall Stencils Creating the Wall Stencils

Home Tree Wall Stencils Creating the Wall Stencils

Bathroom Wall Stencils Creating the Wall Stencils

Bedroom Wall Stencils Creating the Wall Stencils

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