Mural for Kid Room

Mural for room decoration is one best alternative to replace the use of painting or photo frame that really common and ordinary. The art painting has existing for centuries. And the art can be applied on every room on your house, including kid room. But of course you need something different for kids room.

Kid room is something cheerful and colorful. The mural must have ability to make kids happy and cheerful. Animation characters, fantasy world, or superheroes are children favorite, so you can choose it as a theme for kids room. But it will be best if you know what your kid favorite is before you ask for the paint. Children are really open to show what they like and don’t like, so if you take attention to them, you will easily know. Or for better and perfect result, you can ask your kid about what kind of painting they want in their bedroom.

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Another good idea for kids room is something educated. Forest painting with trees and animal will help your children to know and remember tree and animal name. Math or astronomy is another choice to educate your kids.

Cute medieval illustration Wall Mural Mural for Kid Room

Animals in the jungle Wall Mural Mural for Kid Room

Colorful exotic animals Wall Mural Mural for Kid Room

Cute animal characters Wall Mural Mural for Kid Room

Cars Wall Mural for Kids Room Mural for Kid Room

Images Source: Eazy Wallz

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