Painting Wall Murals

If you get confused in painting wall mural, there are some tips that you should know about it. What you need to do before painting is decide how to find the sketch of your mural on the wall. After you decide the sketch, then follow some tips here.

The first step is set up for the site. It is not really different with creating other painting. You need to take off the cloths and the masking tape. The second step is set up the background. Before doing this, lots of people usually use a new fur of paint to the room. If you also deal with it, it is better to use eggshell finish latex or satin finish wall paint for getting the best result of sheen and take colors that give a great look to your mural. The third step is deciding the right paint for your mural. The best base for mural which is hand painted is a new fur of latex paint. Then use acrylic paints for the actual mural painting.

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The fourth step is deciding the brushes for painting. If you using acrylic paint, you should not choice natural hair brushes. It is better for you to use high quality synthetic brushes. The last step or the final touches is protecting your finished work of art.

Classic Farm Wall Murals in Dining Room Painting Wall Murals

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Cool Tree Wall Murals in Yellow Bedroom Painting Wall Murals

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Birds and Tree Murals in Baby Bedroom Painting Wall Murals

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Eclectic Bedroom Wall Murals Ideas1 Painting Wall Murals

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Pink Rose Wall Murals in Kids Bedroom Painting Wall Murals

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