The Wall Mural Art

Mural in the artistic term means a permanent visual artistic work which directly applied on the wall, ceiling or other wide permanent media. The unique taste on art painting is that the architectural character of the media is incorporated into the painting within harmony. A mural painting should not lose the character of the building that the mural is applied.

One the oldest art found in the Chauvet Cave in Ardhece, France. This wall mural art was made on the upper Paleolithic era. On the modern days, there are lots of artists that practicing this kind of art. The Mexican Muralista was started by Diego Rivera, David Siqueiros and Jose Orozco. There are also some Indonesian muralist started the Apotik Komik, an artistic workgroup in Yogyakarta that concentrate painting traditional image inspired murals on city buildings and landmarks.

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Mural art is painted with various technique and materials, the most common technique is still the hand painted mural with oil based or water based paint. Some artist uses spray paint to create the wall paint. Today, this has taken into smaller scale and created with more approach of technology where the paintings or photographs are transferred into poster papers or canvas then applied into the wall surface for the realistic hand painted mural effect.

Pebble Beach Wall Mural The Wall Mural Art

Aspens Wall Mural Art The Wall Mural Art

Beach Dreaming Wall Mural Art The Wall Mural Art

EGI World Map The Wall Mural Art

Friends Of The Sea Wall Mural The Wall Mural Art

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